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Started in 1972 by the trombone player Gunnar Gotaas, is one of few bands playing New Orleans Revival Jazz, a style from the 40´s: a mix between tradicional Jazz and “Rythm Blues”.
Magnolia Jazzband has performed many times all around Norwegian, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Rusia and Colombia.
The most renowned was the one in the Jazz Festival of Molde, in 1981, with the jazz singer from New Orleans, Lillian Boutté. Other famous singers that have performed with Magnolia Jazzband are Elaine White, Ruth Reese, Topsy Chapman, Jan Harrington, Thais Clark, Al Carson and Juanita Brooks. The Band has performed many times in the New Orleans Revival Jazz and several of their records have been recorded there. Up until now the band has released 15 records.

The New Orleans Revival Jazz was named after being discovered by music researchers/scholars in the 1940s, then gained widespread popularity and flourished once again.
This music style binds traditional jazz music with rhythm and blues. The New Orleans musicians have always freely combined the musical genre/manners, and this is one of the core elements in the development of jazz. In the churches the gospel rhythms would swing, and brass bands played rhythmic music for funerals and parades. Combined with elements from blues and ragtime the New Orleans jazz developed with its special beat.


Many known musicians (amongst them King Oliver and Louis Armstrong) emigrated from New Orleans around 1920, but those who stayed behind in the home town also kept a special style, for instance Percy Humphrey, “Kid” Thomas and “Sweet” Emma Barret.
Even today one still finds a musical and cultural diversity in New Orleans, and Magnolia Jazzband is a worthy representative for this music style. MJB has been characterized as one of the most authentic Norwegian jazz bands, a band striving to play this genuine New Orleans jazz rooted in blues and gospel.







Don't Give Up The Ship                             A. Dublin, H. Warren

Weary Blues (Shake It, And Break It)                         A. Matthews

You Can't Tell The Difference After Dark              Alberta Hunter

Salme 148                                                      Anders Frostenson/

                                                                     Lennart Jernestrand

Float Me Down The River                                           Armand Hug

I'm Nobody's Baby                           B. Davis, M. Ager, L. Santly

Fine And Mellow                                                      Billie Holiday

Bye And Bye                                                              C. A. Tindley

What A Friend We Have In Jesus                            C. C. Convevse

When My Dreamboat Comes Home Cliff Friend, Dave Franklin

I Love You                                                                    Cole Porter

The Same Old Love                                                Dave Williams

My Sin Was Lovin' You                    De Sylva-Brown-Henderson

Without You For An Inspiration                                  Desconocido

I Balladetone                                                             Edvard Grieg

Over In The Gloryland                                          Emmet S. Dean

Big Jim                                                                            G. Gotaas

Roses Of Picardy                   Haydn Wood, Freerick Weatherly

Lily Of The Valley                                                            Hays/Fry

Close To You                                     Hoffman-Livingston-Lampl

Climax Rag                                                                          J. Scott

Sus Fra Varaldskog                                                   Jenny Rogstad

A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening                      Jimmy McHugh

Canal Street Blues                                                           Joe Oliver

I'm Through With Love                                       Joseph Gus Kahn

C'est Magnifique                          Keith O. Murray, Kevin Jones

Don't Leave Me Now                  Lieber, Stoller - arr. G. Gotaas

Day By Day                                   Lina Sandell/Oscar Ahnfeldt

The Holy Wings, O Savior                                 Lina Sandell/trad

When I Come To The End Of My Journey          Lucy E. Campbell

Everywhere You Go                                   M. Fisher, J. Goodwin

New Orleans Workshop Blues                                   M. G. Larsen

Yesterday                                                             Paul McCartney

My Man                                                                   Pollack Yvain

Laughing Samba                                       R. Vincent, G. Johnson

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart

In The Sweet Bye And Bye                   S.F. Bennett/J.P. Webster

Please, Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone                Stept-Clare

Take My Hand Precious Lord                            Thomas E. Dorsey

Skal Vi Ustridig Hist                              trad./Henning Sommero

Blood And Tears                                                           Tradicional

Do You Know My Jesus                                                Tradicional

Down By The River Side                                               Tradicional

Give Me A Clean Heart                                                Tradicional

Give Me That Old Time Religion                                  Tradicional

Gje Meg Handa Di / In Sally’s Garden                         Tradicional

Lord, Lord                                                                    Tradicional

Only A Look                                                                 Tradicional

The Old Rugged Cross                                                  Tradicional

We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City          Tradicional

Move The Body Over                                                   Tradicional

My Little Girl                                                                 Von Tilzer

Yellow Dog Blues                                                      W. C. Handy




Magnolia Jazzband & Topsy Chapman -- Live at Oslo Concert Hall (2008)

An evening prayer (2005)

Classic Magnolia- Vintage 1976 (2004)

In that sweet old garden of Eden (2002)

A lovely way to spend an evening (2001)

25th Anniversary Concert… with Bill Carson (1998)

Christmas time (1996)

Anytime (1995)

Topsy Chapman and Magnolia Jazzband- Fine and Mellow (1993)

Just a little while with Aline White (1991)

Everywhere you go (… Sunshine follows you) (1983)

Magnolia Jazzband y Lillian Boutté- New Orleans Gospel in Molde Kirke (1991/81)




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